In the closing months of 2013, a complicated series of events momentarily overturned the gill net ban of 1994, set in place by an overwhelming majority of Florida voters.

Fortunately, the gill netters were only able to harvest a handful of days, but the damage was still done (see photo). Over the past 20 years, commercial gill netters have been fighting to overturn the amendment with limited success.

Trip Aukeman, director of advocacy for the Coastal Conservation Association Florida, sheds some light on the most recent events regarding the gill net ban here in Florida.

By Trip Aukeman

On May 15, the First District Court of Appeals heard arguments on a local judge’s ruling that overturns Florida’s 20-year-old constitutional amendment limiting marine net fishing. The three-judge panel questioned lawyers representing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Wakulla Fisherman’s Association. The court’s ruling will likely come in July or August […]

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