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Tidal Roots, like many other brands, was born out of necessity. The need was a platform to approach weary fish in shallow water and the solution for Tidal Roots founders Kent and Kyle was hand made wooden SUPs(stand up paddleboard). “There is nothing like sight fishing and casting from a SUP. The increased mobility combined with the elevated perspective makes SUP fishing a very exciting and intimate experience,” Kyle said.

Tidal Roots was born for the consumer that wants to #ConnectToTheOutdoors in a deeper way. Co-Owner, Kent Scovill explains “Wood has soul that is alive like yours and mine, and is just an incredible medium to work with that provides a sustainable way to get out on the water.” Reclaimed wood is used in the Tidal Roots process plus consumers can expect products 100% American manufacturing.

Tidal Roots launched in the spring of 2014 with a line of SUPs that are specific to several activities with a fishing board called the, The Sand Bar, being the immediate favorite. At 12 feet long and 29 inches wide, The Sand Bar, offers a platform designed to chase big fish that is tricked out with the accessories. The Tidal Roots Custom Shop offers alternatives to their existing line where the sky is the limit when it comes to design. In addition to SUPs, Tidal Roots offers handmade wooden fishing nets, home build SUP kits, and a line logo wear that is made in the USA out of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles plus other accessories designed by local artists that support our love for the water. Consumers can expect Tidal Roots to continue manufacture sustainable and functional products that are built in the USA with green practices and renewable resources being utilized.

Join the movement. #ConnectToTheOutdoors with Tidal Root’s #ProductsWithASoul.

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