Advice for Jellyfish Stings

There are many types of jellyfish in Florida’s waters, but most assuredly you do not want to get stung by any one of them. In case of a painful jellyfish sting, there are a few different home remedies you can try. Vinegar has been used to ease the pain of stings for quite some time and Florida Sportsman member Sierra Bravo used a meat tenderizer when his seven year old daughter was stung. “Well, I’ve been lucky and never have been stung by a jellyfish but unfortunately my seven year old daughter today was hit on the inner thigh while snorkeling at the sand bar near Sands Cut. Poor kid was screaming like I’ve never heard her before…”

See what other ways Florida Sportsman members use to ease the pain of jellyfish stings or share your own ideas.

  • BL

    Vinegar is recommended but the real solution is 5% acetic acid which is vinegar on steroids…I was a guinea pig for a product call Ocean Care Solutions…they were testing their jellyfish sting 1st aid stuff so I used it…worked great..not sure when it will be available on the market but the stuff was killer good…keep your sunny side up..


  • Sheila

    A new, tested, FDA approved jellyfish and manowar sting treatment developed and adapted by a chemist and his Taipei born wife is on the market with the best results yet. It's all green and does much better than any other treatment because it neutralizes acid (like vinegar), prevents the nematocysts from continuing to release toxins and gets the small tenticles out, while applying healing agents and numbing agents to the sting area. It's called Jellyfish StingOUT and it will be showing up in most stores soon and it's already been thoroughly tested so you don't have to worry about being a guinea pig :)

    Contact me about it if you want

    Sheila Greenfield

  • Fred

    prep H, reduces swelling and eases pain. Go to topical solution for lifeguards now