Snakehead Fishing 101

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Shane Procell

“I have been getting an over whelming array of questions about the South Florida snakehead fishing. Most of the questions were: Where can I catch them? How do you catch the? What are the rules? This video answers all those questions and more. I had 22 bites and landed 10, plus a few bass. Some of the snakeheads are released and I address the release controversy as well. Enjoy!”

  • Patrick Hauver

    Why would you release those there so destructive? I mean they kill everything I thought it was a crime to release them anyways.

    • Matt

      It is a crime to release them. Also when catch them make sure their dead in your boat. If your caught with them alive it could be 60 days in jail or up to a $600 fine. They are excellent to eat tho. Ive grilled and deep fry them. Both excellent!!!!

      • Broward Snakehead

        Also PANKO breading and pan fry them…..GREAT white fish meat.

  • Joe D.

    Great vid! Thanks for the excellent tips, also I commend you for releasing the ones that will not be eaten.
    I too refuse to kill anything that I will not be consuming; ignorant people fall for all the media hype about snakeheads.

  • Bob

    Eww groossss!!!!!

  • Hero

    I live in jupiter.Where you locate? How many people can go on the boat? And how much? Do you work on Wednesday too. Thanks capt Shane

    • Broward Snakehead

      They are located in central broward area. C-14 is loaded

  • Broward Snakehead

    Nice videos…they are a GREAT fight!

  • robl

    How about your baseball swing lol I love it. Nice tips tho..