Pathfinder redesigned the transom of its venerable 2200 bay boat to accommodate the additional weight of a four-stroke outboard and 25-inch shaft. The new model is designated 2200 XL. There is also a Tournament Edition and TE XL, which come with three livewells–a pair of 40-gallon wells aft, and a single 15-gallon well forward.


Length: 21 feet, 10 inches
Beam: 8 feet, 6 inches
Draft: 11 inches
Weight: 2200 XL: 2,615 pounds with Yamaha F150; 2200: 2,415 with same power package
Shaft Length: 25 inches (XL); 20 inches (2200)
Fuel: 60 gallons
Horsepower: 250 hp max

Yep, that’s a 250-horsepower 4-stroke Yamaha on the back of a 22-foot bay boat.


The motor weighs in at 592 pounds–60 pounds more than Yamaha’s 250VMax.


Note the angled transom; see how it sweeps aft toward the waterline. There is effectively more wetted surface area and flotation to help get on plane with the big 4-stroke.


Here she goes. In a choppy bay, we topped off at 58 mph, but this boat will easily top 60.


Our test model had a tendency to porpoise, with that extra weight on the transom. Note that we had less than a quarter tank of fuel, and no trolling motor batteries, ice or gear in the bow. The weight of real-time rigging would likely make for a level, smooth ride.


Also, the boat is said to perform well with an F150–which weighs in at 130 pounds less than the big 250.


LCD multi-mode gauges, showing tach and fuel burn.


Handy jack plate switch.


At 8 feet, 6 inches, this is a wide fishing platform, with ample walking space between the console and gunnels.


Say goodbye to those old low-profile, hull-mounted nav lights. New Coast Guard regs require the lights to be placed higher for visibility. Socket for 360 white light is visible behind the windshield.


Pop-up cleats are standard equipment on good bay boats.


Leaning post with a comfortable backrest.


Secure handrail keeps passengers in the boat at 60 mph. In-console tackle boxes ensure your tackle comes with you, too.


Gasketed, sandwiched, gelcoated hatch lid covers a cavernous forward storage area.


Anchor locker.


Hideaway horizontal storage for rods.


Full-size console and windshield–another comfort touch on this speed-demon. Also plenty of space for a chartplotter and other electronics.


Our test model had the integrated leaning post with tackle boxes and storage trays; a welded aluminum leaning post with cooler storage underneath is also available.


Yes, those boxes are lockable.


25-gallon standard aft livewell on the 2200 and 2200 XL. The Tournament Edition has two 40-gallon wells, plus a third 15-gallon well up front.


A super touch: Bronze thru-hull pickups with seacock shutoff valves, genuine marine hardware right there where you can easily access it.


Optional port livewell.

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