FS Seminar – Pulley Anchor System

Mike Miller shows how to properly secure your boat while camping overnight in the everglades during this FS Seminar. Extreme high and low tides can leave your boat high and dry come morning. This anchor pulley system will keep your boat afloat and off the rocks and sand.

  • Steve Ranicki

    I have watched this video 6 times now and am not sure I get it. You describe dropping the mooring anchor past the low tide mark, cleating it off to the boat, passing the rode through the anchor pin then passing it through the anchor that is already underwater? Something must be out if order here.

  • Blair Wickstrom

    We probably could have made the video a little easier to follow. The key points are getting one anchor (pulley) point at float-able low water and the next anchor point at reachable high water. The boat simply interrupts the circle between the two points.

    For example, if it’s high tide and you’re going to bed, you’ll be standing on the beach pretty close to the waterline, next to your high-water anchor point. At this point in the tide you’ll be sending the boat out pretty far into the water, possibly more than 100 feet from shore. During the night when the tide goes out, since you’re boat was 100 feet out, but now is only 30 feet from the waterline you simply walk down to the waterline and pulley the boat to shore.