Bowhunting in Florida: It’s a Rush!

A virtual tribute to bowhunting in the Sunshine State is emerging in an ongoing thread this week in our General Hunting Forum.

Some comments from Florida Sportsman members:

>“I love bowhunting for the challenge and the fact you have to have them so close forcing you to learn and watch while you wait.”

>“Nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of having a deer so close you can hear it breathe.”

>“90% of the time I have my bow in my hands…archery hunting is amazing.”

>“There are people who hunt with a bow and there are bowhunters.”

What’s your take on bowhunting? Care to comment? Or, just drop in on the discussion to get a feel for Florida’s unique angles on archery—the bugs, the sweat, the long hikes in the swamp, the subtle changes in the seasons. Check out the thread here.

In bowhunting news this week, all kinds of new archery goodies are being unveiled at the Archery Trade Association show in Columbus, Ohio. Among them, the Rage X-Treme broadhead, with a 2.3-inch cutting diameter, single-bevel blades and a sweeping blade angle designed to penetrate deeper and produce larger entry and exit wounds for better tracking. A three-pack of the yellow-ferruled broadheads will be $49.99. See

A real show-stopper, according to press reports, was the new Insanity CPX and CPXL bow series from Bowtech, pushing the limits to 355 fps performance in a 4.3-pound package, available in eight finishes with a long list of new technologies. Click here for all the specs.

For a photo gallery from the ATA event, plus commentary, check out the Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine team report here.

  • Jamin

    hell yes bow hunting is a rush! If you don't know your alive with a arrow nocked while a deer is headed your way take up something like base jumping maybe that will fire you up! for me its full draw!!!!!!

  • littlebrownpeach

    Hell yeah!! Talk about a challenge. I had a nice 8 point come into my stand but kinda jumpy. He finally turned broadside at and I came to full draw! It was 8 p.m. and I couldn’t see through the peep sight. I didn’t get to harvest the deer but coming to full draw on one was just as good for me!!