Florida Sportsman Hands-On Bait Rigging Techniques at the Miami International Boat Show

Florida Sportsman’s Rick Ryals giving the 3 p.m. seminar on dredges and teasers.

If you’re planning on attending the Miami International Boat Show and want to learn to rig your baits to catch fish like the experts make sure to stop by one of Florida Sportsman’s bait rigging classes. Florida Sportsman’s Capt Rick Ryals, author of Sportsman’s Best: Snapper and Grouper and Sportsman’s Best: Dolphin will be on hand all five days of the show to personally show how to rig for catching snapper to circle hook rigs for sailfish to high speed trolling for wahoo.

“The promoters of the Boat Show came to Florida Sportsman magazine looking to bring hands-on fishing instruction to the show, so that’s what we’re doing. Rick Ryals has been doing personal rigging instruction at our Expos for nearly 20 years, he’s probably taught more people to rig ballyhoo than probably anyone alive. Without a doubt if you’re new to offshore or inshore fishing the time you spend with Rick, and his crew will be well spent,” says Blair Wickstrom, Publisher of Florida Sportsman magazine.

Capt. Rick Ryals teaching the best bottom rigs for snapper and grouper.

In addition to the set times for the classes you can stop by anytime and meet with Rick and other Florida Sportsman staff. Say hi, ask questions or even buy some of the newest how-to books and related products and clothing from Florida Sportsman.


You can find the Florida Sportsman Bait, Rigs & Tackle Room on the way to the Big Game Room on the upper concourse level on the east side of the Convention Center in room B210.

Class schedule:

11 AM: 30-Second Kingfish Rig

- How to build a better wire leader for live bait trolling

- Setting up a spread to troll live bait

12PM: Rig Your Own Circle Hook Ballyhoo for Sailfish

- Fish like the Pros, Learn Three Top Rigs.

- Swivel on the head rig, The “o ring” rig and the Dental floss rig

1PM: Inshore: Rigging Better Baits for Trout, Reds and Snook

- Soft plastics, The knots you need to know, Tying braid to mono and Better live bait presentations

2PM: Offshore: Rigging Natural baits for Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, and Tuna

- Ballyhoo and mullet rigs, mono and wire, The knots you need to know and High speed trolling for wahoo

3PM: Dredges and Teasers

- Artificial and Natural, Learn the best systems to attract billfish, dolphin, and tuna

4PM: Better Bottom Rigs for Snapper, Grouper and Patch Reef Fishing

Learn the Chicken Rig, Fishfinder Rig and the Modified Knocker Rig

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