Savage Model 11/111FXP3 combo with scope, chambered for .243 Win (other calibers are available): $599.99 at Gander Mountain.

Looking for a deer rifle-and-scope package for under $600? One a young hunter would enjoy using in the Florida woods, where few shots are farther than 150 yards?

Florida Sportsman Member D Day looks for this kind of advice on our Firearms Forum, and finds many suggestions from fellow Florida hunters—including some who’ve made the same kind of purchase.

“I went out and purchased the Savage .243 with scope,” one member chimes in. “For the kids, it was the best thing I ever did. The recoil was minimal, for them, so they didn’t mind shooting off a box of ammo at the range to get better at shooting.”

Another member touts the flat-shooting, relatively low-recoil .243 as a great choice for deer hunters of any age: “The .243 will get the job done every time if you do your part.”

Some brands mentioned, with combos in the $600 price range, include Savage, Remington, Thompson, and H&R. One member reminds D Day to check out used listings: “Keep an eye on the classified section of the forum and also check”

Read the thread here.

In other Florida hunting news today, Cocoa-based Diamondback Airboats will be drawing the eyes of attendees at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas next week (January 17). Mossy Oak Graphics announced a live demonstration applying its new vinyl camo on a custom-built Diamondback Airboat. Mossy Oak says its vinyl products are based on 3M premium cast vinyl, eliminating shrinking, cracking or peeling. Since 1989, Diamondback has built a variety of airboats for hunting, fishing, search-and-rescue and industrial work in a 24,000-square-foot facility on Cox Road, off I-95 in Cocoa, Florida.

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