Fly Fisherman Introduces Fly Tying Dvd’s

Press Release – Fly Fisherman Magazine

FLY FISHERMAN Magazine Adds To Its Popular Fly-Tying DVD Series Featuring Charlie Craven

Stuart, FL January 29, 2014 — Charlie Craven may be today’s most gifted and prolific fly-tying teacher. With decades of commercial tying under his belt, and two successful fly tying books, the co-owner of Charlie’s Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado, teamed with FLY FISHERMAN magazine to make the Foundation 40 Fly Patterns DVD series. This popular four-part series starts fly tiers with the basic skills, tools, and materials they need to tie 40 “foundational” trout flies that will help them fill their boxes with almost any pattern.

Adding to this widely acclaimed series, FLY FISHERMAN has filmed and produced two additional fly-tying DVDs: Warmwater Fly Tying(Part #1DFFWP) and Saltwater Fly Tying(1DFFSP), both featuring Charlie Craven. On Warmwater Fly Tying, Craven shows how to tie the Gartside Gurgler, Meat Whistle, Lance Egan’s Headstand, Craven’s own Gonga, the Dahlberg Diver, and in vivid detail shows how to stack, spin, and trim deer hair to make a perfect Bass Popper. On Saltwater Fly Tying Craven shows how to tie the Tarpon Toad, Ragin’ Craven, EP Minnow, Bob’s Banger, the Half & Half, Sea Habit, Bonefish Junk, Supreme Hair Shrimp, and the Surf Candy. Saltwater tiers will learn how to use Clear Cure Goo instead of epoxy, and learn the techniques needed to make a large range of saltwater flies.

“Charlie Craven is the most accomplished fly tier and fly-tying instructor I have ever observed,” said John Barr, author of Barr Flies and creator of the Copper John, Meat Whistle, and manyother patterns. “His flies are works of both precision and art, and he has the gift to be able to simply and clearly share his expertise with his audience. These DVDs will help anyone become a better tier, whether you arejust getting into fly tying, or you want to master advanced techniques like spinning deer hair, or creating lifelike saltwater flies.”

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