Florida Sportsman February 2014


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Some teasers from the February 2014 issue:

On the Cover: In the Red Zone

Weather permitting, right now is a great time to head out on the Gulf looking for tasty red grouper. New regulations place the red grouper on an open season schedule, except for the February through March closure in waters deeper than 120 feet. Cooler winter waters means these ferocious fighters are moving into the shallower reefs, ready for the taking. Join David McGrath with his feature “Red Grouper in the Mix,” and get expert tips on targeting winter reds Gulfside.



It’s that time of year folks, pompano are on the prowl, skipping in wakes and taking those crazy looking jigs. Those schools of delicious pompano don’t only bring big numbers on the beach side of things, as they can readily be found roaming in shallow inshore waters filled with crustaceans and mollusks. Finding a productive pompano sandbar or shoal isn’t as easy as it sounds though. Contributing Editor Mike Holiday welcomes anglers to a bit of challenge, sight casting “Skinny Water Pompano.”



Florida hunting is not limited to the most well-known kills, such as deer, boar, and turkey. Of course, mention taking any “off-brand” legal game and you be given a look of confusion. Hunting Florida’s varmint species such as coyote, bobcat, raccoon, and crows, offers outdoorsman a chance to reduce nonnative populations of a species, try something a little different on the dinner table, and a new challenge to a year of hunting. In “Varmint Hunting in Florida,” Carolee Ann Boyles knows these species can be daunting and provides the proper setups and details to make each hunt a success – not to mention some killer recipes.

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