FS SEMINAR- Installing Hydraulic Steering

This Florida Sportsman boatmanship seminar gives step-by-step instruction on how to convert from cable/install hydraulic steering on your boat. In this video, Jay Warrick of Palm City Yachts shows us how it’s done using a Teleflex Bay Star hydraulic steering system. The easy button!

  • GeorgeP

    Pretty good video, BUT the Baystar Manual says "Use a pipe sealant such as Loctite P.S.T. or equivalent on all pipe threads. DO NOT USE "TAPE" SEALERS.

    The mechanic in the video clearly used Teflon tape.

    Telex Hydraulic oil is clear. The oil put in by the mechanic was RED. I love my Baystar, but the cylinder developed a leak after about 5 trips. Telex replaced the cylinder without question but when I reinstalled the fluid I used some aviation fluid which met Mil H5606 specifications (specs are in the Baystar manual). Oh, the new fluid is also RED. I didn't realize I had a leak until the steering began to malfunction because the fluid was clear and therefore virtually invisible.