Accessible and inviting, the surf offers a diverse bounty of opportunity that appeals to anglers of all skill and experience levels. Come and go as you please, learn at your own pace and enjoy the experience of fishing from the beaches, piers, and jetties.

David A. Brown’s Surf Fishing takes you from rocky New England shores, to Florida’s picturesque beaches to the rugged and desolate coastline of the Pacific Northwest. The baits, lures, and rigging may vary regionally, but several key principles remain consistent. Learn the basics and you can catch fish from any shore.

Blending geographic overviews with tactical specifics, author David A. Brown gathers a wealth of angling instruction from regional surf-fishing experts and presents compelling explanations that will have you reaching for your sand spikes. Vivid images of sport’s common species, scenery, gear, and bait provide visual references to guide your next adventure at the seas’s doorstep.


The Sportsman’s Best: Surf Fishing DVD brings the pages of the accompanying book to life. Join author David A. Brown and some of the best known experts on surf fishing as they explain the process of site selection, choosing tackle and learning the skills needed to catch fish from shore.

With easy access and great opportunities year-round, surf fishing just might be your best fishing option. Read this book, watch the DVD, the rest is up to you.

“If you’re looking to fish from a beach, jetty, or pier, this book and DVD are worth checking out. After reading the book and watching the DVD, I’m sure you’ll be heading out to the surf with rods in hand.” – Blair Wickstrom, Publisher, Florida Sportsman

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