Big Kings Showing off Miami

Mike Harris, far left, hoists a 46-pound kingfish caught this week by anglers aboard the Miami charterboat Free Spool Too.

Quick update on the light tackle kingfish bite off Miami, from Capt. Dennis Forgione of the Free Spool Too. Forgione is interviewed in the January 2014 issue of Florida Sportsman, in the how-to article “Returning to the Light.” He and his crew also appear in the Ford Outfitters Insider Adventure series.

“I had a pretty good feeling about how the fishing was going to be that day, being the first real cold front of the year. The wind was blowing about 20 to 25 knots from the north. When we arrived at the fishing grounds, which was only 40 feet of water, I noticed a light south current. Making it perfect conditions to anchor and fish live pilchards. The action started pretty quickly catching big Spanish mackerel. One weighed just under 8 pounds, followed by a few undersize kings which of course were released. The first big kingfish was 46 pounds. I knew immediately on the strike that it was a big king. They almost always take long runs to the east. After a 30-minute battle he was landed. We ran out of bait at around 3 p.m. and headed home. Anglers Dave Goroway and Mike Bastkowski are both locals who have fished with me for nearly 20 years. My crew, Mike Harris and Jason Robinson, did an excellent job. The catch: three 30-pound kingfish, one 46-pound kingfish, about 15 Spanish, one 8-pound mutton snapper and two sailfish releases. All on Penn SpinfisherV 5500 with 12- and 15-pound-test mono. Tight Lines!”