Florida Sportsman January 2014


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Amberjack Options

There’s no doubting you’re in for quite the battle once you feel the hard thump of an amberjack taking an offering. These bullies of the deep gang up around springs, wrecks, ledges, rockpiles, and more. They’re widely available and ready for a fight. Of course, often overlooked, is how many different ways you can take on these bruisers. Catch them on the troll, drop down a vertical jig, chum ‘em up, toss a fly, throw a topwater, the list goes on. To help pick your amberjack poison, check out “Amberjack Options” by Contributing Editor David Brown.


Fishing can take a lot preparation, time, and energy. But, not all great fishing days mean tons of planning and exhaustion. Florida Sportsman Managing Editor David Conway takes us to the beach with some sand fleas and a fierce heart. The hunt is for tasty little whiting. Plentiful and easy going, whiting are a great option for an easy and relaxing, perhaps spontaneous, day of fishing. In his feature “First Trough Glory,” Conway joins up with Larry Finch, who helps provide a failsafe method for catching these delicate little morsels.


Back in the woods, opportunities to bring home dinner go beyond bagging a buck. Florida has a handful of national forests which offer guests opportunities at hunting, kayaking, hiking, and more importantly here: fishing. The creeks, rivers, and lakes these backwoods enclose offer anglers chances at world-class bass and bream alike. Florida Sportsman Contributing Editor Doug Kelly gives the low-down on the three Florida state national parks and where to find the fillets in his feature “Forest Fishing.”


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