Launching Your Boat by Yourself

In this FS Seminar, Reel Time Florida Sportsman Host, George Gozdz, shows you how to launch your boat when you don’t have any one around to help you. He gives a few key tips for a successful solo launch.

  • Jay

    This guy is a flaming IDIOT. I have been launching my boat alone for close to 20 years.
    The simple method is to find (or make) a place on the trailer to attach a lanyard (rope). Rope should be 5 feet longer than boat. Back the trailer into the water until the boat floats, then pull up far enough to retrieve the rope. Then tie the boat off. This way the boat cannot float away…

  • Jason

    Idiot! Is he really advocating floating the boat, rushing out of the car and trying to beat the boat and catch the rope? And this is sponsored by FS? C’mon guys…better speak up now!

    • Capt.George

      Good feedback guys. Everyone needs to find what works for them. I launch 250 days a year by myself and this is what works for me.

  • jacko

    What a joke !!! Why would you ever back your boat off your trailer without having some sort of control for where it could end up? This guy needs to watch a real off load video.

  • mustang190

    I always launch alone and never do that. I will either back the trailer in just far enough to float the transom then get in the boat and power off. Or use a line to prevent the boat from floating off the trailer!

  • Brad

    I always unplug my trolling motor before I lean over it to hook up to my trailer. Did you see how close is face was to the TM blade? It would suck to bump the pedal and chop your face up. But then again, I have a machette steel prop:/

  • MJ Klein

    That’s why he’s the professional and all you others aren’t. He knows what he is doing!

  • peter

    I generally prefer to have the boat tied to the trailer with a fairly long line. that way I am sure it won’t get away from me. We all have our own methods that work for us. He is using the wind and seems to have a real “feel” for the drift of the boat. I think the important thing is to have a method that works for you and be comfortable with it.

  • Jason

    Captain George, i need to apologize to you. It was not ok to call you an idiot and I apologize. I dont even know you. You are probably a great guy and im sure i could learn a great deal from you about boating and fishing. Again my apologies. I still think that the boat ramp is a very stressfull place for many occasional boaters that have not launched and retrieved thier boat often. In the heat of the moment, the crowds and busy pace of the ramp combined with running engines and the weight of the boats being launched, the noise etc…. Its my experience that taking ones time and using boat lines is just a safe and secure way to launch a boat and that protects the others at the ramp as well as the boater currently launching. Your method is certainly fun to watch though! Jason

  • Rick

    I understand launching but the problem I have is how do you get off the boat when you load? My boat is a little higher than yours and it’s a long step down.