Night-Ops “Recon” Underwater Lighting

Night-Ops Gear by I-Lumenate recently revealed a new and innovative underwater lighting system, dubbed “Recon,” aimed toward paddleboard, kayak, and canoe enthusiasts.

Inventor and Co-founder Billy Roaasini claims “Now, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down,” for watersports diehards. The Night-Ops team recognized a rapidly growing market in the paddleboard industry and has designed a product to keep the fun going after hours.

The “Recon” lighting system features waterproof LED’s and batteries, a control system which allows the user to see battery draw, and even a strobing S.O.S. for emergency use. The underwater lights are over 3000 lumens bright and completely rechargeable, they also are easily attachable and removable, utilizing two adjustable straps.

Night-Ops is launching a global media campaign for 2013. “Our team is very excited about the future for Night-Ops. We just had six person expedition team paddling down the Amazon River for the Outside Television Network. Now that’s cool.” said Billy Rossini.

To learn more about the Night-Ops “Recon” underwater lighting system, visit Also, check out the informational video below.