Some of us can hold our breath for 45 seconds, maybe one minute. If we’re lucky. Can you imagine doing it for four minutes?

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“I’m the best looking of all these guys. You know that right?” joked Captain Carl Starling.

When you think of extreme sports you probably don’t think of senior citizens doing it.

“We are talking about 91 feet right now,” said the 67-year old Starling, who is still pushing his limits underwater. “I’ve been spear fishing longer than they are old!”

He’s hard to miss… between his white hair… and all that noise.

Said Juan Comendeiro, Starling’s diving buddy, ”I’ve never dealt with someone who makes as much noise underwater as Carl does.”

“I’m trying to warn the fish about you!” exclaimed Starling.

Recently CBS4′s David Sutta spent time with Carl and members of the South Florida Free Divers Club…. everyday people… doing extreme things.

“Most of us have learned how to go past that point where your brain is telling you to breathe and you get that pain, we can actually succumb that,” explained Comendeiro.

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