Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean you can’t get the bugs in the Keys. In fact, I’d stick my neck out and say that most folks who live in the Keys look forward to diving and spearing in December when the pressure is lighter and fewer boats are on the water. The lobsters are still there, for sure. Consider bringing a wetsuit if you go, though, because if you’re planning a long dive or a series of dives, the colder waters can definitely sap your energy. March, the last month before the season’s closure, might be the best time of all to dive for bugs.

FS member yessirking posted the question whether chasing lobster was a good bet in December in the Keys on the Forum, and though some people thought the waters would be cold, yessirking is on his way and promises a report back on the Forum—a report that will be full of good news, I’d say, as long as he gets a break with the weather. To read the thread click here.

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