Tarpon Statewide Snagging Definition Changes

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Changes that will add language to the current statewide snagging definition for tarpon and modify what types of gear can be used when fishing in Boca Grande Pass will go into effect Nov. 1.

These changes will provide further protection for this iconic fish.

The first part of the adopted changes includes adding language to the snagging definition to prohibit catching or attempting to catch tarpon that have not been attracted or enticed to strike an angler’s gear. This change will apply to tarpon fishing statewide. The current definition for snagging or snatch-hooking is the intentional catch of a fish by any device intended to impale or hook the fish by any part of its body other than the mouth. Adding language specifying that gear must entice the fish to strike with, and become hooked in, its mouth will help further protect tarpon from the act of snagging.

The second part of the changes prohibits fishing with gear that has a weight attached to a hook, artificial fly or lure in such a way that the weight hangs lower than the hook when the line or leader is suspended vertically from the rod (see photo below). This change will apply to fishing for all species year-round within Boca Grande Pass.

If this prohibited gear is on board a fishing vessel while inside the boundaries of the pass, it cannot be attached to any rod, line or leader and must be stowed. This change will further reduce the likelihood that tarpon in Boca Grande Pass will be snagged.

These changes will provide further protection for tarpon.

To learn more, visit MyFWC.com/Fishing and click on “Saltwater,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Tarpon.”

  • BoDawg

    Great news for BGP and ethical anglers from SW Fla.

  • Snook Snatcher

    LOL at you people! The first Game Fish I ever caught in my life, I caught as a young boy 7 or 8 years old, while walking home dragging my gold hook along the shore because I was out of bait. All of a sudden “SPLASH BANG” I had a huge fish on. It about tore my rod out of my grasp. The fish had seen the hook and attacked it, I fought the fish with every ounce of energy I had, and landed it. I took it home and ate it before it could get cold. I guess I’m a criminal in the eyes of the law and the people voting for these laws today. What a sad world we have become! C’mon man! I’ll take a polygraph and pay for it as long as whoever requests it will pay me twice the amount when it shows I am telling the truth. Game fish attack plain o’l hooks it is instinctive and not a law in the world will change that!