Wabasso Tackle Shop

Reel repair, local knowledge and a great tackle selection are some of the things that have made Wabasso Tackle Shop a longtime local favorite.

Owner Steve Parsons has endured some bumps in the road along the way but seems to be in his element at the helm of this iconic tackle shop.

As you step through the front screen door, you might feel like you’re stepping back in time in this old Florida shop.

But the information is current, accurate and available.

“Everyone gets a Sebastian Inlet fishing report when they visit Wabasso Tackle.”

Wabasso Tackle Shop
4720 85th Street
Vero Beach(Wabasso), FL 32957
(772) 581-3474

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  • Bigoldredfish

    Been going here the last 30+ years. Steve and Terry have always been helpful and friendly. I have no need to go anywhere else.

  • mike

    I never been a big fan of the place…..

  • crghss

    Been there twice. First they were a smart ‘butt’ to me second didn’t want to be bothered with my questions. So I go to whitey’s now. Much better…

    • Keith

      crghass – your ability to communicate could actually be your problem. “butt” refers to a persons backside. Combine that grammatical error with the fact it appears you leave words out of your sentences (and thoughts) and what you might find is that they “still are smart” but didn’t have the patience to figure out what the heck you were asking…

  • Keith

    Nice people, must be doing something right if they’ve been in business 30 years, could not be nicer to me or my son.

  • Terry Meyer

    Been going for the the past 16 years. The only bait shop my kids have ever been to down there. Heard they had an issue with someone who rented the place using the same name. I live in Orlando and never had an issue with a tip or report from them. No bait on a rare instance but love the place. Even let’s my 8 year old son help him dip the shrimp. Things like that will always keep me coming back, every trip all year long