Dubbed “The Wait,” this photo won FS Blogger Bob Bramblet first place in the photography category at the 2013 FOWA awards.

At the annual Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA) conference in Polk County, Florida Sportsman editors and contributors scored a list of prizes in the Excellence in Craft Awards, 2013, winning in a variety of categories. Executive Editor Jeff Weakley, Managing Editor David Conway, Contributing Writer Ralph Allen, and FS Blogger Bob Bramblet were among the FS prize winners—and a complete list of winners across FOWA’s eleven categories can at the bottom of this page. The contests were judged by members of the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association. For more information about FOWA, visit www.fowa.org.

Click the links below to view and read winning selections from FS editors/contributors:

1st Conservation Story The Permit Zone, David Conway 

1st Family Participation – Elissa’s Day, Ralph Allen

1st Outdoor Book – The Saltwater Angler’s Guide to Tampa Bay & Southwest Florida, Tommy Thompson

1st in Electronic Media & Special Communications – Bonita Bob’s Paddlecraft blog, Bob Bramblet

2nd Magazine Feature – Flight of the Night Hawks, Jeff Weakley

3rd Photography – The Wait, Bob Bramblet

3rd Outdoor Book Sportsman’s Best–Kayak Fishing, Jeff Weakley

3rd Conservation Story Pompano Unhooked, David Conway 

*FS winners selected in red. 

The winners, by category:

Magazine Feature – Magazine Feature or Regular Column
Sponsor: Visit Central Florida

1st – Immersed In Nature, Filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus Captures Florida’s Soul, Sandra Friend
2nd – Flight of the Night Hawks, Jeff Weakley
3rd – Profiles in Passion-Capt. Mark Nichols, Ron Presley

Newspaper- Newspaper Feature or Regular Column
Sponsor: High Roller Fishing Lures

1st – Charlotte Harbor columns, Ralph Allen
2nd – FFWCC columns, Bob Wattendorf

Sponsor: Daiichi Hooks

1st – Golden Images/Nature/Wildlife & Underwater images, Peggy Goldberg
2nd – Eddies/reflections on Fisheries Conservation, Doug Stamm
3rd – The Wait, Bob Bramblet (Pictured Above)

Electronic Media & Special Communications
Sponsor: Chevrolet

1st – Bonita Bob’s Paddlecraft blog, Bob Bramblet (Click to View)
2nd – Florida Guide Association April 2012 newsletter, Ron Presley
3rd – Jackson County Visitor’s Guide, Sandra Friend

Self Promotion
Sponsor: Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau

1st – Golden Images Scuba, Peggy Goldberg
2nd – Reporting the Outdoors power point, Sandy Huff
3rd – Florida Hikes: Your Outdoor Resource, Sandra Friend

Outdoor Book
Sponsor: Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism

1st – The Saltwater Angler’s Guide to Tampa Bay & Southwest Florida, Tommy Thompson
2nd – An Explorer’s Guide North Florida & the Florida Panhandle, Sandra Friend
3rd – Sportsman’s Best–Kayak Fishing, Jeff Weakley (Click to View)

Outdoor Travel / Destination Story
Sponsor: Chevrolet

1st – Fishing From a Cruise Ship, Ralph Allen
2nd – Circling Lake Okeechobee: the Big Water Beckons Anglers, Sandra Friend
3rd – Paddle On: Road Trip, Bob Bramblet

Conservation Story
Sponsor: Snook and Gamefish Foundation – iAngler

1st – The Permit Zone, David Conway  (Click to View)
2nd – Colors Do Count to a Caterpillar, Sandy Huff
3rd – Pompano Unhooked, David Conway  (Click to View)

Family Participation
Sponsor: Chevrolet

1st – Elissa’s Day, Ralph Allen
2nd – As the kids grow up the fish will too, Ron Presley
3rd – Family Fun on the Wekiva River, Paul MacInnis

Sponsor: Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau

1st – Colors Do Count to a Caterpillar, by Sandy Huff

Corporate/Tourism Member Self-promotion
Sponsor: Mud Hole Custom Tackle

1st – Visit Natural North Florida
2nd – Hobie Outdoor Adventures TV

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