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Sometimes looking for only fish while scouting the shallows of the flats will lead to missing out on many rod bending opportunities. Learning to read the flats accurately and knowing what details to look for is essential when it comes to catching the fish that you don’t immediately see. So, slow down and observe. Contributing Editor David Brown shares with us five features of the flats in his feature article “Read the Flats,” that will give away camouflaged fish when you don’t seem them first.



Want to know where to catch Florida’s favorite inshore species in your area? Break out the charts! Using charts to find big details such as offshore wrecks and reefs and to navigate the waters more safely is great, but learning how to decipher the small details charts reveal inshore can lead to many exciting days on the water. Sometimes, it’s what you can’t see while on the water, things which must be found while eyeballing the lay of the land – that will get the drag peeling. Editor Jeff Weakley assures us there is more information than meets the eye and gives “Five Tips for Using Inshore Charts.”


Interested in bringing the fly gear offshore for thrills? Try live chumming to create a commotion that no bluewater bruiser can resist. Live baits are plentiful in the summer months and so are the predators looking for a free meal. Break out the cast net, fill up the live wells, and pack a large arsenal – you never know what is going to come up and skyrocket a fly dancing through a chum slick. Contributing Editor Mike Holliday explains some the best live chumming practices to catch anything “From Minnows to Marlin” on the fly.



The rush of bluewater spearfishing is attracting more and more people. It is important to understand exactly what equipment is best and how to rig up for the demanding saltwater environment. Safety is of utmost concern, as always, but having the right gear will mean the difference between bringing home dinner – or not. “Dive into Bluewater Spearfishing” with Contributing Editor Matt Herum as he reviews the gear and systems you’ll need to know in order to plunge into the deep offshore currents this summer.



Fresh Water

Bass aren’t known to be picky eaters, most of the time it doesn’t take much to get a largemouth to give up a fierce reaction strike. When you do come across the “lounging” bass, it does take some skill to coerce that bite. Contributing Chris Christian tells how to “Pull Their Trigger,” with four tactics to make bass strike your lure.










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