Some of my best summer memories are of catching and cooking fresh fish in The Bahamas with my wife and daughters.

When you live on the Florida Atlantic coast, the lure of the islands just 60 miles east is impossible to resist. It’s an awesome family fishing and diving destination.

For many years, my wife and daughters have joined me on trips to remote, beautiful islands like Grand Cay, Chub Cay, and Guana Cay. We take our boat, and join up with other boating families. Together we’ve caught everything from big wahoo, to exotic groupers, to great-eating lobsters.

These are memories we’ll always look back on fondly.

 Most of us have spent time on the water with family and friends. Please share your cherished story about how “Fishing and Family” are “In Your Nature.” Everyone who enters receives a Cabela’s discount plus a chance to Win $2,500 Cabela’s Gift Card.

Summer is a great time to fish with the family to create some great memories. We asked our editors to tell us about their favorite memories of summer fishing and family. Here’s what they had to say: