Tennessee Troutin’

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Every summer my family takes a weeklong trip to Tennessee. We have always flown into Knoxville and then made our way to Gatlinburg. In Gatlinburg we rent a cabin, buy groceries for the week and then prepare our rods and flies for our adventure to the Little Pigeon River. The Little Pigeon is the most beautiful river I have ever seen. It really is something straight out of a picture. In this particular river we target rainbow trout and brown trout. I personally have been most successful with rainbow trout however the further up the mountain you go the better your odds become of catching a brown trout.

It seems that every year during the summer months there is a mayfly hatch. It is because of this reason that we use a mayfly on top with a small beetle on the bottom. The ideal spot to cast these are just behind the rocks in the current break on the edge of the white water. The Rainbow and the Browns will crush them as they drift by. Sometimes its immediate and other times you have to cast at the rock repeatedly for a few minutes before you move to your next target.

While the fish are certainly not the biggest fish in the world they have to be among the most beautiful.

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