News Release, June 6, 2013

The newly redesigned Lock ‘N’ Roll is safer, easier to use and more versatile than standard trailer hitches. Utilizing 360 degrees of rotation and 3 axis of movement, the new Lock ‘N’ Roll will free boat owners from the stress and limitations of a standard trailer hitch.

The patented Lock ‘N’ Roll® latching system is designed in such a way that, once the latch plates are in place, Lock ‘N’ Roll® will never pop off like ball hitches do. Unlike the ball hitch, everything is in plain view to eliminate any question of whether or not your boat trailer is hitched correctly. This positively secured connection keeps the driver in control so minor mishaps don’t turn into major accidents.

The Lock N’ Roll® provides a very tight, close fitting connection that eliminates “thunk & jerk” action of conventional hitches. The 360 degrees of rotation, combined with the side to side, up and down articulation, eliminates twisting forces that could damage the vehicle or trailer frames. With Lock ‘N’ Roll, nearly any terrain can be negotiated safely, making it easy to tow your boat and back it in to place.

This is a heavy duty product made of alloy steel parts and built by a family of blacksmiths who trace their skills back 5 generations. Lock ‘N’ Roll hitches come in 16 different configurations to fit almost any type of vehicle and trailer. All units conform to the requirements of SAE standard J684 and are tested by independent labs.

More information about this articulating hitch system can be found at

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