Stop the Ban on Lead Fishing Tackle


Dear Fellow Anglers,

Unnecessary and burdensome restrictions on lead in tackle are being proposed and implemented at an increasing rate. Already, strict bans have been implemented in five states and proposed in several others, despite the Environmental Protection Agency concluding on multiple occasions that sweeping bans on lead fishing tackle are unnecessary.

Bans on lead fishing tackle at the state level can negatively impact both anglers and the economy. Alternatives materials to lead can cost anglers up to 20 times what current tackle costs and may not perform as well, which will likely turn some anglers away from the sport. If lead is banned all together, stores would not be able to sell most sinkers and jigs because from a manufacturing standpoint it is impractical to create an alternative that is completely lead free. These proposals and the enacted laws are more restrictive than the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s levels for lead in paint, children’s toys, plumbing fixtures and non-toxic shot for waterfowl hunting!

Please take action and sign our petition against unfounded lead restrictions. By signing the petition you are saying you are “opposed to unfounded and overly restrictive bans on lead in fishing tackle. Scientific studies have shown no adverse impacts of from recreational fishing equipment made of lead to fish and wildlife populations or to human health. Unnecessary bans on lead fishing equipment will have negative impacts on individual anglers communities dependent on recreational fishing.” We will use signatures to this petition to fight legislation in states proposing similar bans to lead tackle.

For more information regarding lead in tackle or to sign our petition, please click here.

  • Charliewecker

    This is an irresponsible and hypocritical article if I have ever read one. As a hunter and an angler I feel like I need to protect my hobby at all costs. If we are throwing toxins that effect our wildlife and ourselves in a negative way into our environment, Why not simply spend a dollar or two more on tackle and ammo. Tungsten, tin, copper and brass are all plentiful. As a consumer I don’t care about how much the tackle and ammo industries lose at the end of the year. This is my planet, my life. I would like my children to one day hunt the same game that I get to hunt and catch the same fish I get to catch. Why do we as a people allow industries to use scare tactics, and claim that the green extremist are really just out to kill your hobby. The truth is the corporations don’t want to lose money, and they don’t care about our country or our land and they certainly don’t our health. Is all about the bottom dollar. No reason to still use lead and ignore science. No reason we all can’t have our cake and eat it too. Fact is consumers will buy whatever we have need to maintain our hobbies. If you take away lead weights and ammo, we will quietly swallow it and buy gold weights if we really had to.

    • Brad Yaritz

      Great response I couldn’t agree with you more. You can find lead-free tackle at