Acrylic painting by Ron Kowalyk.”The peacock bass is a dream fish—exotic, beautiful, a great gamester,” angler, painter, writer and ceramicist Capt. Ron Kowalyk says. “Fly fishers and artificial enthusiasts are game on with these mega- cichlids. It’s small boat, canoe and kayak fishing for a world-class game fish. You can’t go wrong pursuing these trophies. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll hook up some fine largemouth, Oscars or other stump thumpers.”

Capt. Ron Kowalyk, who writes the weekly Florida Sportsman Fishing 4cast online for the Southwest region, paints in acrylics. All his paintings are related to southwest Florida water life, including the Sanibel and Estero Bay areas. Prints are available.

Kowalyk studied (many years ago) at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio and earned his MFA from Ohio University, Athens Oh. He has exhibited nationally and has work in many private and institutional collections.

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