Whether fishing, cruising or docking at night, boat owners appreciate extra illumination on the task at hand. Powerful Hella marine Sea Hawk XL LED Floodlights and Deck Lamps use 30 LEDs to produce a spectacular 750 lumens of light, far more than 55W or 70W H3 halogen bulbs.

Light intensity on the Sea Hawk XL series adjusts easily with integrated two-step dimming, controlled through most off-the-shelf switches. The lamps offer more than 80% power savings over halogen models, using only 12W at high intensity and 2W at low.

Despite their light 14 oz. weight, the CE-approved Sea Hawk XL models are built to stand up to the most punishing marine conditions. The lens, precision-molded from high-performance polymers, offers superior strength and durability. A sealed, pre-wired twin core marine cable ensures a secure and reliable connection. Severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages won’t affect performance of these rugged lights, thanks to Hella’s advanced multivolt electronics.

With a completely sealed IP 67 design, the lamp housing is manufactured from tough, high-impact plastic that resists UV discoloration and deterioration. The highly polished, 316 stainless steel bracket uses friction mounts for easy adjustment of the light’s angle without tools.

Measuring a compact 6.69″ W x 2.68″ H, the Sea Hawk XL series offers two light pattern options in either a black or white housing. The LED Floodlight illuminates a wide spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area. The LED Deck Lamp provides a more narrow and concentrated spot beam, appropriate for use on a yacht mast or to assist in low speed docking. When forward facing, the deck lamp helps illuminate objects in the water.

Hella marine’s lighting products set the standard for quality, safety, reliability and energy efficiency. As with all its LED lighting, the company backs the Sea Hawk XL series with a five-year warranty. The retail price is $331.11 each for the Floodlight or Deck Lamp.

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