Umpqua, producer of quality hand-tied flies, tools and materials, is looking for new flies to add to the Fall 2014 catalog. Not just any flies, flies submitted by tyers like yourself, that stand out among the rest. This is your chance to go down in fly tying history! The deadline for this year of submissions is May 31st. So, get to tying. Check out the Umpqua website to learn more about this unique opportunity. Below, you will find a letter sent out by Umpqua giving the basic guidelines for submission.

We are always looking for innovative fly patterns to add to our catalog of top quality fishing flies. As I’m sure you know, we offer every style of fly pattern that is currently available. I encourage you to send us your patterns! We work one year in advance on this pattern selection process, so flies looked at in the fall of 2012 through the spring of 2013 for instance, will be available starting in the Fall of 2014.

Here is how the process works: submit your fly patterns anytime up to May 31st. Patterns are reviewed upon arrival to select flies that warrant further consideration. Those not meeting the criteria will be returned. Then, shortly after the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show in August, the flies are evaluated by a team of fly tiers and fly fishermen at Umpqua representing over 100 years of experience in the field and at the vise. Due to the number of patterns submitted, and the process of carefully evaluating each fly, this process usually takes several weeks. After the final choices are made, we send out letters indicating our decision on the patterns.

There are several points that I want to share with you in regard to future submissions you may be sending to us. This information we hope helps all of us do a better job of selecting new fly patterns for the upcoming season.

• The deadline is May 31st of each year for new fly pattern submissions. Send fly patterns ANYTIME before this date. Fly patterns that arrive after May 31st will be returned to you for submission the following year. (Send at least 2 each for larger patterns, or 4 to 6 each for smaller flies)

• Neatness counts! Patterns should be presented in an organized and labeled container or fly box along with a brief explanation about each fly. Flies should be packaged with care to ensure they arrive in good viewing condition. Fly patterns thrown into a bag or a container that is flattened or crushed are not received well by the viewing committee! Umpqua spares no expense to present and sell our new flies to retailers nationwide. They in turn hope to dazzle fishermen everywhere. So, please remember when submitting flies, you need to SELL to us.

I hope these simple tips can help you down the road. We want to encourage you to submit patterns on a regular basis, as we are always looking for new unique designs. We take great pride in our Signature Fly Designer Program here at Umpqua; it is the cornerstone of our company. Fly tyers like you are what made us the leader in the world of quality production flies, we would not be where we are today without your design and artistry.

Send flies to:

Bruce Olson/New Fly Submissions
Umpqua Feather Merchants
594 S Arthur Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027

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