In the February issue of Florida Sportsman magazine.

Ever catch a blacktip shark or dusky or wait, maybe it was a spinner shark? Ever had a hard time telling which of those species you really battled boat side? And did you know how good blacktips can be to eat?

In the February issue of Florida Sportsman magazine, Executive Editor Jeff Weakley breaks it down, shark style, covering all the bases of the blacktip fishery, from stock assessments, correct identification and regulations to preparing your shark catch for dinner:

“This wasn’t just another shark. Not for Christen Duxbury—it was her first.
For Capt. Jonnie Walker, a 40-year guide in Sarasota, the fish was one of a growing number of blacktips intercepting baits in recent years. Clearly, blacktips are booming—and science tells us that is in fact the case.”

If you are a fan of these brawny inshore fighters—or want to be—check out “Back in the Blacktips,” featured in this month’s issue of Florida Sportsman magazine, on newsstands now.

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