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The February issue takes anglers all around the state, from the Gulf waters and Florida Keys bridges to many places in between. As the redfish on the cover reveals, skinny water fishing in February is prime time. Writer David Brown provides two great scenarios to come tight to lazy redfish, trout, and flounder with the winter tides. For anglers that prefer toothier critters, Editor Jeff Weakley provides insight on a recovering stock of blacktip sharks in the gulf, a fan favorite among inshore anglers. If you’re looking to take a little road trip, feature writer Chris Collins tells a tale of good fish and good times down in the Keys. Plus, as always, lots of great offshore, freshwater, boating and hunting coverage!







Tide is a crucial component when stalking gamefish on the flats. Winter tides bring unusually high and low water levels; knowing where and how to fish each tide can make all the difference. Writer David Brown spells it out with two common tide scenarios and valuable skinny water fishing techniques. Brown also gives the lowdown on wintertime sheepshead fishing, sightfishing these tasty barnacle busters from up high in “Sheepshead in Your Sights.” Looking to camp in style? Brett Fitzgerald finds the hot spots around Palm Beach County that will keep the whole family smiling. Writer Christopher Collins offers some inspiration to take a trip to the Florida Keys in search of a little bit of everything, no boat required. Also, inshore seminar writer Ron Kowalyk explains how to add a scent trail to lures and jigs to really entice a bite.


Strong and fast, blacktip sharks are a favorite among inshore anglers. Years of commercial fishing have put blacktip shark stocks in danger, but tagging studies reveal that this popular sportfish is making a comeback. Executive Editor Jeff Weakley covers all the bases of the blacktip fishery, from stock assessments, correct identification and regulations to preparing your catch for dinner. In this month’s offshore seminar, David Brown turns a classic circle hook rigging method for ballyhoo into something suitable for kingfish and wahoo, while maintaining the swimming characteristics of live bait.



Turkey season is fast approaching. Florida hunters often overlook that they can harvest two subspecies of turkey within our boundaries. Author Scott Ellis explains the differences in the Eastern Gobbler and the Osceola turkey and how to tailor your hunting style for each. Knowing which terrain to tackle and which calls to use could put you in route for a turkey “slam.”




Fly Fishing

Being able to cast with either hand is a valuable tool when fishing, especially when it comes to fly casting. Of course, learning to be ambidextrous overnight doesn’t happen easily. In the meantime, John Kumiski explains how learning to cast on your back stoke can take the place of using your opposite hand. A trick worth knowing, it’s a simple to learn method that will improve any fly casters abilities.











Following up his feature article “Back in the Blacktips,” Editor Jeff Weakley lays down the shark statistics. Blacktip stocks are on the rise and the feds are looking to give more catches to the commercial fishery. Feds are looking to implement a 96-inch recreational minimum for sharks, which would eliminate thousands of recreational catches and place them in the hands of the commercial fleet. Not to mention, dusky shark’s populations are in trouble. Don’t get chomped! Read this month’s “On the Conservation Front,” where we publish thorough, researched, exclusive articles, and not press releases.








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