College Kayak Fishing (CKF) Competition

College Kayak Fishing (CKF) is an organization built to engage college kayak fishing clubs, along with “free agent” college teams and allow them to connect and compete for great prizes such as college scholarships, kayaks, fishing gear, and much more.

Most college students live on a salary that would never entertain even the idea of buying or maintaining a boat in order to get a fishing fix. Of course, who says you need a boat to fish? The founders of; kayak angling junkies Drew Gregory, Brooks Beatty, and Stewart Venable, saw the potential in creating a series of events that places college students with a fishing passion in a friendly, cost-effective, competition that puts their true skills to the test.

The competition has been designed to accommodate anglers from all walks of college life, from those attending small college campuses that may need to create their own unique team, to those attending large universities that already have dedicated kayaking clubs in place. Not to mention, if freshwater is the dominant fishery in your area, you have a division. If saltwater is more your niche, you’re in luck, too.

When it comes to time to fish, the competition is laid out in a simple fashion. CKF staff will set the matches for each region. Matches consist of teams competing against the schools in their division (fresh or salt). Matches are held on scheduled Saturday’s from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at a specified location. All scoring is done via the catch-measure-photo release method. A teams final score is the total number of inches caught as a team. Each angler must contribute at least one fish to the teams total score. Two anglers are allowed to submit one additional fish. Whichever team has the highest total score, wins the match.

“The Florida teams are taking off big time, in both fresh and saltwater slam divisions,” says CKF staff member Stewart Venable. For all you college kayak anglers in Florida, this seems to be a great opportunity to represent your state and school colors. Not to mention, with sponsors like Jackson Kayak, GoPro, Sperry, YakAttack, Simms, Diawa, and more, putting a team together and giving this competition a shot could pay out big time.

Teams must be assembled of at least three members and be registered by March 1, 2013 to be included in the 2013 season. Once registered, teams will be scheduled to compete to win over $15,000 in scholarships and prizes, along with the chance to bring home a national title for their school! For more information and to register, visit or contact CFK at 706-540-4280.

  • Alex G

    Registration ends on Feb. 1st. Not march 1st as far as I know.

    • FLSportsman

      Alex, they have extended the registration deadline for this season.

  • Alex G

    The website still says Feb 1st.… and I haven't seen any updates on the facebook.

    If they make registration that late, the season will be way too short, considering most schools get out in early May.

    • FLSportsman

      We will confirm once again for you Alex.

  • Alex G

    Jesus, thats like the 3rd extension they've done. I just want to get fishing.

  • Kaylee F

    What courses can I take in College to prepare me for kayaking?