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The Florida Sportsman Fish Chip



Catch more fish with the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip.

Make your GPS a Fish Finder…instantly with the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip. The Chips fit most major brands and are easy to install. Load over 275 hot spots, Inshore and Offshore, per region into your GPS that include proven fish catching spots inshore and the flats as well as artificial reefs, ledges and hard bottom offshore.


“There’s nothing like having a little local knowledge when you go to a new area, or even to help find new spots near your home. Many times simply having likely fishing spots pointed out to you is all you need to help you find others, that have similar characteristics. For each region we worked with three to five local experts to give us proven fish catching spots,” said Blair Wickstrom—Publisher of Florida Sportsman Magazine.

Not venturing offshore? Plug in the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip and hook your GPS up with proven inshore hot spots that hold redfish, trout, snook, flounder, and other inshore rod benders.

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Once you’ve loaded the Chip Information into your GPS likely fishing hotspots will always be on your screen. You’ll never be left with that “where now” “what’s next” feeling again.

When it comes to investing in tackle to improve your catches, the Florida Sportsman Fish Chip may be the best dollar for dollar investment you can make.

Choose between 11 regions showing the best spots to fish with the species your most likely to catch there.



11 Regions for Florida

Florida Keys (KY)
Key Largo to Key West

South (SO)
Deerfield Beach to Homestead

10,000 Islands (TT)
Naples to Marco Island, Everglades City, Chokoloskee

Southeast (SE)
Wabasso to Boca Raton, Sebastian, Vero, Lake Okeechobee(east)

Southwest (SW)
Sarasota to Bonito Springs, Sanibel, Ft. Myers

West Central (WC)
Aripeka to Bradenton

Garmin 7212 screenshot with FS Fish Chip. *Click to enlarge.

Big-Bend (BB)
Pine Log Island to Hernando, Horseshoe, Suawnee, Homosassa

East Central (EC)
Tomoka Basin to Sebastian, Daytona, Titusville, Cape

Northeast (NE)
Fernandina Beach to Flagler Beach

Northwest (NW)
St. Vincent Island to Steinhatchee

Panhandle (PH)
Pensacola to Cape San Blas



ON SALE: $39.95, plus $6.99 shipping & handling.
Regular price: $49.95.

GPS Brands and Chips Required

Garmin 4000, 4200, 5000, 5200, 6000, 7000 Series –              SD/Micro
Garmin 400, 500, 700 Series –                                              SD/Micro
Garmin Older units –                                                            Proprietary
Raymarine e-Series –                                                           SD/Micro
Raymarine c-Series –                                                           CF
Lowrance Elite 5, HDS Gen2, HDS-7, HDS-10 –                     SD/Micro
Humminbird 1198c, 898c, 798ci, 597ci, 385ci –                      SD/Micro

• SD/Micro – is a Micro chip in a SD adapter and will work in either application


FS Fish Chip Brochure

FS Fish Chip Installation Instructions

Installation Videos

Humminbird 1198c, 898c, 798ci, 597ci, 385ci

Garmin 4000, 4200, 5000, 5200, 6000, 7000 Series
Garmin 400, 500, 700 Series

Raymarine e-Series, Raymarine c-Series

Lowrance Elite 5, HDS Gen2, HDS-7, HDS-10

  • Scott

    Great Idea, it would take me years to accumulate that many numbers

  • jack

    is the chip compatible with furuno navnet

  • lee

    Does east central cover Melbourne rockledge and merritt Island.

    • FLSportsman

      Lee, yes, the East Central FS Fish Chip will cover those area's.

  • joe

    will this interfere with ability to see shoals and flats when navigating shallow areas
    i use chartplotter to navigate around shallows in the keys and can i delete from chart plotter
    i have a garmin 4000

    • FLSportsman

      The waypoints on our chips will not interfere with your mapping program. Also, yes you may delete the waypoints from your chartplotter if you choose.

  • Jason

    Beware that in the above GPS Brands and Chips Required that they raymarine e-series is only for the e-series wide or the new e-series models since it is stating that the e-series requires a SD/Micro. This is not the case if you have a e-series classic model that takes a CF.

    Furthermore the Raymarine C-series is only for the C-series classic and C-series W models since the new c-series models actually take a sd/micro card.

    Hope this helps someone from buying the incorrect card.

  • Andrew

    Are there pipeline numbers? What percentage of them are public numbers out of tampa? Also how many offshore to inshore numbers are there out of the west central?

  • Ben

    Do you sell a "Super Chip" that contains all regions on one chip?

  • Robert Parra

    Does this chip work on a Lowrance H2o ifinder

  • Scott Honour

    I bought this chip for east central, the first set of numbers I went to, I slayed the trout and redfish there, then a went to the second set of numbers, same success. Can’t wait to use the offshore numbers next week.

  • Steve

    Does this chip work with the new garmin echomap 50s

  • Kory

    Does the chip work with Lowrance HDS-8 (1st Gen HDS)?

  • Richard Rogers

    Does it work on any of the Furuno products?

  • Doug D

    Hello I have a hummingbird 36i5. Will the chips work?

  • Tammy Brewer Pollard

    Will the chip work in a garmin 498 sounder.

  • jim rhoades

    Can the chip be loaded into a Lowrance LMS 337c?

  • toms

    Would the chip help me on inland lakes – like the chain of lakes? Thank you.

  • Armen

    Anyway to use it with a Garmin 3010c??

  • Luke

    how can I find out if an order went through? no response via email upon order or after email inquiry. anyone have a Phone # for Florida Sportsman? Thanks

  • Allan Kennedy

    is the chip available at any retail stores? it is getting too close to Christmas to order on line.

  • Randy

    Will the chip work in a Northstar M121???

  • Hookupandgo

    How far South of Sebastian does the East Central chip cover? For those of us that fish out of Sebastian — and I think there are a few, the division line really is dead center of all of the areas fished. Is there a discount for 2 adjacent regions?