NOAA Fisheries recently announced that it has lifted the February 1 through March 31 shallow-water grouper closure for recreational anglers. The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council recommended that the closure be modified so that it only applies to federal waters seaward of a boundary approximating the 20-fathom depth contour.

Note that recreational fishing for gag is closed until July 1 in the Gulf of Mexico, with the exception of Florida state waters in Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor Counties (open Apr. 1-June 30). Gag fishing will open in Gulf of Mexico federal waters on July 1, 2013. Federal waters will close October 31; state waters, Dec. 4, 2013.

Species in the Recreational Shallow-Water Grouper Complex
• Black Grouper
• Red Grouper
• Gag
• Yellowfin grouper
• Scamp
• Yellowmouth grouper

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