Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts

Catch more fish with the Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts.

A Florida Sportsman Fishing Chart will surely become one of your most valuable fishing tools in your tackle box for years to come. Our expert Florida Sportsman staff and network of professional guides throughout the state have worked together to chart many of their inshore and offshore “hotspots” to help put you on the fish.

Designed by fisherman, Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts are waterproof, functional and durable. For better manageability on the water, this chart can be folded up to show only your favorite fishing grounds. The fish legend will help you locate and identify the fish in your area. And while many species can be found year long, our new color-coded system indicates the peak seasons to go after your favorite fish.

Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts are in a series of 22 Regional Charts covering Florida. Each chart includes thousands of hot-spots, GPS numbers, boat ramp locations and fish ID illustrations. Tear-Proof and Waterproof Paper.

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Offshore and inshore detail including hot spots. *Naples chart shown here.

Jacksonville (Fernandina to Ponte Vedra)
St. Augustine (Ponte Vedra to Palm Coast)
Daytona (Palm Coast to Oak Hill)
Canaveral (Oak Hill to Melbourne)
Sebastian (Melbourne to Vero Beach)
Ft. Pierce/Stuart (Vero Beach to Hobe Sound)
Palm Beaches (Hobe Sound to Deerfield Beach)
Ft. Lauderdale (Deerfield Beach to Hallandale)
Miami (Hallandale to Ocean Reef)
Upper Keys/Florida Bay (Ocean Reef to Marathon, including Florida Bay)
Key West (Marathon to Key West to Rebecca Shoal)
Everglades (Flamingo to Lostmans River)
Ten Thousand Islands (Lostmans River to Marco Island)
Naples (Marco Island to Estero)
Ft. Myers (Estero to Englewood)
Sarasota (Englewood to Bradenton)
Tampa Bay (Bradenton to Tarpon Springs)
Homosassa (Tarpon Springs to Crystal River)
Suwannee (Crystal River to Horseshoe Point)
Steinhatchee (Horseshoe Point to Rock Point)
St. Marks/Apalachicola (Rock Point to Port St. Joe)
Ft. Walton Beach (Grayton Beach to Wynnehaven)
Pensacola (Wynnehaven Beach to Perdido Key)

*All detailed photos are of Number 14 Naples chart.

Whether inshore or offshore, Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts have you covered, you’ll be sure to find the fish.

Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts incorporate a fish legend that helps you locate and identify the fish in your area.

Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts are tear-proof and waterproof.

Catch more fish with the Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts.

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