D.O.A.’s Big Fish Lure (BFL)

The D.O.A.(Deadly On Anything) Big Fish Lure (BFL) is a 5.5- or 8-inch soft mullet imitation. It’s not solid like a swimbait, but instead is hollow and features a lipped design allowing it to dive.

Different angled lips are available to reach different depths. A large diving bill offers the most stable swim for casting or slow-trolling. A small diving bill allows for an erratic swim, causing the lure to flash on its side. No diving bill is one of the ugliest presentations, but can get some of the most aggressive strikes.

The bait is segmented into three sections to allow for realistic tailing and swimming action. This is a big bait for big tarpon, snook and redfish. To retrieve, twitch the bait with the rodtip, then let it sit. Repeat, as necessary.

Mark Nichols and crew are constantly working with prototypes but don’t introduce new lures until they have been battle tested. That might mean no lures new lures are introduced for a whole year. But expect D.O.A. lures to release something new this year at ICAST in Orlando, where they’ll be making their first appearance in a number of years.

  • Ron Lee

    D.O.A. is absolutely killer.Living and fishing in South Florida my whole life I have used every lure under the sun and now I just take a little blue Mangrove bag with CALs, Baitbusters, and a few spoons and I am good to go.Case in point went to John Lloyd early this morning in horrible weather with baitfish everywhere and was throwing a 3/8 CAL paddle tail, third cast BOOM rod bent over drag screaming and a huge Tarpon jumps 30 yards off the beach.No thrown hook that baby got released.Mark makes great stuff.

  • jeevy

    looks like a really good snook lure!