RCI (Right Coast Independent) Optics recently introduced a new product line of sunglasses that is designed with the saltwater enthusiast in mind.

The RCI (Right Coast Independent) Optics team has put years of research into creating a line of sunglasses that stands behind all surfing and fishing communities. The team has strived to create a pair of sunglasses that is like no other in terms of use in the saltwater environment. With names that highlight popular surf and fishing locations around the state like “Monster Hole,” “2nd Light,” and the up-and-coming “Mosquito Lagoon,” you can bet these shades are designed with the saltwater enthusiast in mind. The stylish and lightweight frames are made in Italy and are designed to be just as durable as the lenses. The lenses are high-impact and HELIOS polarized, featuring a special coating that repels water, oils, dust, and more. When it comes to flying projectiles, like jigs and weights, you’re protected as well, with claims that the lens material is up to 6X harder than polycarbonate base lens material. One of the lead designers at RCI Optics had this to say about the lenses, “The Monster Hole is ANSI Z87.1 certified but by no means is it a safety glass. It is one of the most advance lens system out there.”

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shades, RCI Optics frequently has Facebook contests and promotions giving away prize packages. Otherwise, you can purchase their products and find out more information online at www.rcioptics.com.

Capt. Willy Le, has put these sunglasses to the test in the field, check out his full review on RCI Optics, here.

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