Taking a monster red grouper and a mammoth lobster on a single breath freediving is a story worth telling. Having that same grouper set the new IUSA (International Underwater Spearfishing Association) world record, that’s something to be reckoned with. Hence, the rest of the tale.

Cameron Kirkconnell, a well-known dive charter captain and Salt Life Team Member, had the red grouper world record broken three times while on his boat in the Bahamas, within a 24 hour period in June of 2012. While he may have not been behind the spear, he put the divers on the proving grounds. Then, just in the past month, Cameron came back home to the Florida East coast and may have just broke the latest record himself.

Left, Cameron Kirkconnell with his red grouper and 8-pound lobster, brought up on the same dive.

All while aboard Cameron’s boat: The first record was broken by Nolan Sadorf, Nolan’s red grouper went a whopping 18.4 pounds. The very next day, Steve Bennett speared both a 18.6 and a 19.4-pound red grouper. Impressive, to say the least, Bennett took both of his grouper with a pole spear.

Recently, Cameron Kirkconnell stepped up to the plate back off Florida’s shores, shooting himself a record red grouper. Steve Bennett currently holds the world record in the books, but that may not be for long. Cameron claims the grouper shown in this video is the new “grouper to beat.” Only time will tell. Cameron currently holds the dogtooth tuna world record, at 200.6 pounds. Check out the full spearfishing world record list, here.

Whether this red grouper sets the new world record or not, it certainly raises the bar. Moreover, this particular video is one worth watching over and over again; with huge lobsters, cobia, record red grouper, manta rays, giant red snappers, all on an 80-foot freedive.

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