This Christmas, give a gift of angling lore and history that will be appreciated for a lifetime: A signed and personalized copy of Florida’s Fishing Legends and Pioneers.

Christmas Special: The hardcover book contains 36 chapters, 352 pages and 120 historical images (many never before published). Normal retail price with shipping and taxes is $33.84, but all U.S. orders received by Dec. 18 are only $25 total, with each signed, personalized and mailed to you the next day.

Says the legendary Mark Sosin: “Doug Kelly skillfully traces the history of sport fishing in Florida in great detail with fascinating stories, tales and anecdotes focusing on legendary anglers and their contributions to fishing.”

    You can order a signed copy three ways

: Reply to this email and the order form will be emailed to you; go to (indicate the special $25 rate); call 727-724-4949 with a credit card. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble, and other retailers, but those aren’t signed and personalized.

Says David Conway, Florida Sportsman Managing Editor: “The famous characters of Florida fishing live again in these pages. Kelly’s is the best kind of writing about angling—the kind that you want to take your time to enjoy, that at the same time compels you to go out fishing immediately.”

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