Kayak fishing near docklights and bridges is a year-round occurrence all across Florida. The Illumarine H2B (Head to Boat) is a lighting “system” specifically designed for paddlers, boaters, kayakers and fishermen.

Worn on your head, the H2B is a bright white hands-free flashlight. But there’s more to it. The Illumarine H2B’s main light detaches from your forehead and can be fastened to the bow of your ‘yak. The light gives off red and green LED-strong bright light, making your fishing vessel visible and legal to navigate nighttime waterways.

Illumarine has integrated multiple lights into the headstrap to help you see and be seen. The front bracket contains a Cockpit Light that provides ample brightness to perform tasks in and around your boat. Change a lure or tie on a hook without killing your night vision. A third light allows you to be seen from 360 degrees. Integrated into the top of the headstrap, this all-around top light also functions as a flashing beacon in emergency situations. Even a whistle is sewn into the back of the Illumarine H2B’s headstrap. This high-powered noise-maker qualifies as a noise-making device that’s required on most fishing vessels.

Navigating the waters at night is a new pastime for many kayakers. And not all boaters are expecting paddle craft anglers to be out-and-about past midnight. Don’t become a speed bump; make sure you are clearly visible to others. Illumarine provides a safe, versatile light system to use during low visibility conditions. The Illumarine H2B can also be used as a backup navigational lighting system for dingies, sail boats, and even larger power boats if needed in an emergency. Base price is $39.99. For more information, visit them at  www.HeadtoBoat.com.



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