If you’re a serious kayak angler, looking for a serious challenge, then the AFWC (Adventure Fishing World Championship) just may be tournament you’ve been waiting for. The AFWC, presented by Native Watercraft, offers competitors the chance to show off more than just their fishing skills; combining fishing, strategy, navigation and paddling. On March 2, 2013, teams of two anglers will set out to navigate the Florida Everglades in search of redfish, snook, and trout. Anglers will compete to reach and catch fish at a minimum of 3 out of 5 checkpoints and return to the start/finish before 5 p.m. Estimated route lengths are between 6 and 10 miles and times between 6 and 9 hours, so you’d better come prepared, this is no place to be if you can’t take the heat. With no suggested routes, you pave your own way to the finish line.

This tournament is CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) only, with the largest total fish length taking home first prize, a Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5.

AFWC boundary map.

Native Watercraft provides this disclaimer:

This is a team event, each team consist of two anglers. Do not underestimate the difficulty of this event. Anglers will be paddling upwards of 10 miles throughout the day with no outside help with route finding. There will be no food or water support throughout the day. Once you leave the start/finish line you are on your own. Be prepared for any circumstances you may encounter including, but not limited to: medical emergencies, navigational errors, inoperable equipment, wild animals, and stinging/poisonous insects and plants.

Click here for the full list of tournament rules and regulations.

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