FS Seminar – Water Movement

Florida Sportsman’s Mike Conner joins Capt. Greg Snow in Block Island, RI and learns quite a bit about fishing in a heavy rip current. The day turns into a success, with the crew landing some nice-sized striped bass just off the rip, in the moving water.

  • @BuckeyeKeel

    arghhhhh…..I am using FireFox (latest updated version, afaik), and having a HELLUVA time loading your videos! Particularly, the FS Seminar's! I managed to load a youtube vid, thru your "Video/Channels" tiny panel (on far –>), but could only produce a "Reel//Calender Girls" one (which, mind you, was v. nice…and the accompanying links for prev./other ones were too…but none of which provided a link for any of these seminars *on YouTube page itself*) …

    ….finally, I managed to load one on another tab (S 1 Sh 13) which appears to play/load as expected…but this one, my 2nd successful page-load, delivers a "Cannot play video–an error has occurred" message…and fails to load/work/whatev!?! Now, I use No-Script, and numerous other extensions/add-ons that I tend to need to finagle w/ to properly view 'ish…but this is simply ridiculous. I am outta time, as sunset/moonset is nigh, and I am targeting this coming hour-or-so…my ? is this:
    –) Is this a common, known issue? Does anyone else have trouble finding/loading these FS Seminar videos? I tried to c&p onto a Chrome browser, but it produced the same blank (vid-less) page, fwiw…
    –) Does this specific video/page have an error, or will other ones have similar/temporary results? I have wasted my full 4x minutes avail 2 me trying to load these (once i found em…to be fair, only saw w/in last 15-20)…if I don't give up n go now, I'll miss the Minor of note. I tend to struggle w/ being there/prepped/in H2O on(or @) time, a habit my NYRes. is trying to fix…so I'ma take the easy way out and post this rant, rather than stubbornly attempt to figure it out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love the mag, and only recently have/am discovering all this site has to offer! A previous visit to the forums brought me back, and (IF I can confidently find and watch/read the articles…) this kinda content will bring me back regularly (And help this transplant tremendously!)….danke!

    • FLSportsman

      Matthew, sorry to hear about your trouble with watching our videos! Were checking it out on our end and everything seems to be functioning properly. Try deleting your browsing history or cookies, sometimes browsers just need a refresh to load new content seamlessly. Haven't had any other complaints about the video's being difficult to view, so, really go through your browser settings and make sure all looks in order. Chrome and Firefox seem to be the most user-friendly. If you continue to have a problem, please send an e-mail to chris.collins@floridasportsman.com and we will try and further help resolve your issue.