Shown here, the 9 1/2-inch Narrow Fillet.

The all new Pro-Grade Specialty Fish and Game Knives from Kershaw Knives are for anglers that have a bit of an obsession, don’t we all? These no-nonsense knives feature razor-sharp blades made out of 420J2 stainless steel, which is excellent for corrosion resistance in the harsh saltwater environment. They offer just the right amount of flex, making filleting easier, preserving the delicate flesh—and flavor—of the fish. The Pro-Grade handle is a proven design that enables your hand to lock easily into place for comfort and control, even when you’re doing a lot of processing (that’s the goal).

The line-up consists of a knife to tackle almost any job, from a small herring knife to a curved 12-inch Cimeter for tackling the largest of your catches. These knives are designed to deliver speed, precision, and amazing control. Check out the entire line-up of Kershaw Pro-Grade Specialty Fish and Game Knives at

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