Northland Fishing Tackle introduces the new IMPULSE 1″ TUBE, a tube lure that is molded hollow for panfish to swallow. The tube is small, subtle and natural, with a design in mind to mimic diminutive natural forage species, and to slip between the lips surrounding tiny panfish mouths. “Bass anglers use 3-inch to 4-inch tube jigs to tantalize fussy fish in clear-water situations,” says Northland® Pro-Staffer Tony Roach. “Panfish anglers utilize the same attraction, but need a smaller version, due to the smaller mouth sizes of the fish they’re after.”

The Northland IMPULSE 1″ TUBE is molded from soft plastic and features a “hollow” tube body with a teaser tail. The thin tail strands impart a subtle breathing action as the lure swims or sinks. And like all IMPULSE soft plastic baits, it’s super-charged with IMPULSE Instinctual Attractant.

IMPULSE 1″ TUBES are packaged 8 to a bag, and come in 8 natural forage and two-tone attractor colors to mimic everything from small minnows to bloodworms.

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