Charging down on a “lit-up” marlin can be a very memorable and thrilling experience. Of course, there are some dangers involved in doing so. In this video, an excited crew coupled with rough seas and a “curious” black marlin made for trouble. If you watch closely you can see the mate holding the tag stick was directly in the path of the marlin as it came jumping over the gunnel of the boat and directly into the cockpit. The mate is tossed onto the deck and the backrest of the fighting chair is dramatically thrown into the prop wash. Just as soon as the marlin had entered the cockpit, it was back into the water. Luckily, the mate holding the tag stick escaped with minor injuries and the marlin was safely released. Best of all, this moment was captured on a total of four cameras that were rolling. A memory that can be played over and over again, from the unique perspective of four different angles!

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