Blaze orange, at least 500 square inches, is required when hunting deer on Florida public lands, but even small game hunters are wise to brighten up when traversing the backwoods. Photo provided by FWC

Saturday, October 13, will be the first day of General Gray Squirrel season on private lands in Florida, to run through March 3. Bag limit is 12, possession limit 24. Gray squirrels may be taken by all legal rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, bows and pistols (good luck with that one!).  Most hunters opt for a 20 gauge shotgun or .22 rimfire rifle. Fox squirrels are protected. Some hunters use dogs, such as the popular feist breed, but note that it’s an FWC regulation that free-running dogs used for hunting must wear collars listing the owner’s name and address.

The upcoming December 2012 edition of Florida Sportsman Magazine will feature an article on squirrel hunting tactics by the magazine’s Southwest Field Editor Ralph Allen.

As to public lands, including the Wildlife Management Areas, the FWC has lots of resources on the website to help guide hunters for Small Game hunting. Click here.

Click here for information on Hunting licenses as well as Hunter Safety permit requirements.

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