Florida Sportsman member linda posted this report in the Panhandle region of catching a sailfish from her stand-up paddleboard, a dream she has had for quite some time. It seems that anglers are taking their SUP’s to the next level when it comes to fishing, whether inshore or offshore. Very cool!

“Catching a sail off my stand-up paddleboard has been a dream for the last year or so. Well it finally all came together and happened. A live threadfin got it done, right past the the county pier in Panama City Beach. It actually didn’t pull me out as far as one would think but used most of its energy to put on an amazing show, with jump after jump and tail-walking while pulling me around in circles. It was the coolest thing I have ever experienced! We revived it and off it swam! If you haven’t tried SUP fishing, you don’t know what your missing, it is a blast!”

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