Angler with Pacific yellow jack and Hobie Adventure Island boat. Photo from Hobie Cat and used in Chapter 3, Sportsman's Best: Kayak Fishing.

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For over 40 years, Hobie has been synonymous with fun on the water. To continue that tradition, the new Hobie Island Club is officially kicking off with over 75 clubs in eight countries and many more in the pipeline. Launched through Hobie’s global retail network, the club is built around the Hobie Mirage® Adventure Island and Hobie Mirage Tandem Island kayaks. The goal of the Clubs is to build a new community for Island owners that will grow their preferred sport, whether sailing, kayaking, fishing…or just recreating. The Clubs are also a catalyst for Hobie retailers to bring like-minded, fun loving Hobie Island owners together in a relaxed social setting.

Florida currently features 8 Island Clubs on the Gulf Coast, and 7 on the Atlantic.

“We already know that beginners to competitor sailors, recreational kayakers and anglers all over the world are passionate about using our Islands to get them where they want to go, even if that is nowhere in particular,” commented Doug Skidmore, president of Hobie Cat Company. “They’re regularly sharing their ownership passion through testimonials, photography, events and social activities. We know from our many years of experience with Hobie Cat 16’s that the camaraderie of putting Hobie owners together can become more than a social activity. It can become a way of life.”

The Islands are well-known for their stability and versatility. The core component of the two models is the proven and patented MirageDrive® pedal system. Add a furling sail and they convert to easy-tomaneuver sailboats, stable at any speed. A set of akas and amas (think Hawaiian outrigger) out to each side transforms them into trimarans. Remove the sail, leave the akas and amas optional, and they both become touring kayaks or fishing boats with built-in rod holders as well as recreational boats for pedaling or paddling. Whatever the preferred choice of the day, these boats are simple to use by anyone at any level.

The Hobie Island Club website page provides a central location where Hobie Island owners and would-be owners can learn more about the Club. This site features a worldwide map showing all Club locations and includes instructions on how to join. The events calendar will grow as the new Clubs get their 2013 activities organized. Hobie Island Club’s Facebook page allows participants from all over the world to share their adventures through images and video and to check upcoming events. Social activities are shared as Island owners meet one another to enjoy local waterways, lakes and oceans.

Bottom line? The Hobie Island Club is designed to continue Hobie’s long tradition of creating instant friendships and motivating more and more sailors, anglers and kayakers to “Have a Hobie Day.”


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