Excellent for outdoor cooking or any other fire generation application.  Each FireStarter packet, the size of a matchbook, burns at 1500 degrees for about 10 minutes, easily enough time to get a good fire going.  Only 1 packet needed for a fire.  Just put under the fuel and light one corner.  Great video of it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfUy8v_4zuM&feature=player_embedded.  Food safe, leaves no smell and burns clean.

Fire Starters are packets of uniquely developed fire starting material that burns hot and clean with no harmful toxins.  Burns clean with no smell.  Safe for transport, will not self-combust like other petroleum-based starters.  Simple to use, just place the packet under charcoal, wood, etc and light one corner to ignite.  Great for grilling as it ignites charcoal without the taste and mess of lighter fluid.



$8.99/3-pack (18 FireStarter Packets total), gratechef.com

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